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Roofbot: Free App of the Week

Apple’s Free App of The Week is something I’ve started to watch out for, as it pushes games that I wouldn’t normally find right onto my radar. This also helps developers make their games more “out there” for users to play and give feedback to. Personally, I just get easily bored with games that I always look for something fresh and fun.

This week, it’s Roofbot that’s been given the spotlight.

To pass each level, you have to guide Roofie, that cute, upside-down-bowl-looking thing, and help him match each energy shape to their respective color slots. But here’s the catch: once you pass a square, there’s no turning back. You get one undo though, so if you’ve already done two, three steps in the wrong direction, you’ll have to restart.

Don’t get fooled by the cute graphics though – with each puzzle comes greater difficulty. It’s easy to breeze through the first 10-15 levels, but once over, you might need to use your thinking hats. While I might be high on medicine right now (got a bad case of the flu), I know when I’m facing a real challenge or when I’m just too tired to think. Pretty accurate.

The game is available for download on the App Store and the Play Store. I’m playing on an Ipad Pro 9.7, and I have to tell you, the bigger the screen, the better. It’s not boring me yet, so that must be good. What do you think? Have you tried playing the game?

(Disclaimer: My rating of a game is always based on others under the same category, which in this case, is under Puzzles. All played on the Ipad, all given an equal amount of time to catch my interest.)

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

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