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5 Ipad/Iphone Apps & Games to Try This Week #1

Are you the type of person who spends hours on the App Store just looking for new apps or games to try? Bored with what’s on your device and seeking more adventure and pizzazz? Here are some cool apps to try to lift that boredom of yours (and mine, if I’m being honest).


1. Light Surge (Free)

Light Surge is fun, light, minimal, and at times, a little frustrating for people with low patience (just being honest, people). With gorgeous colors and one touch controls, this game will have you on for quite a while as the desire to beat your last high score becomes greater each time you play. It’s an endless minimal experience.

To play, all you have to do is jump from one platform to the next one, by touching or holding the screen to moderate jump height and length. Sounds easy? Play it.

Download the app here.

2. SMILE Inc. (Free)

I love the overall concept of this game. In SMILE Inc., you play as Roman Atwood, a guy who finally decided to get a real job. Problem is, the job has deadly booby traps, machinery that kill, and weird contraptions designed to squash or cut him before he reaches the end of the corporate ladder (sounds like something a real life office would have, figuratively of course).

There are heaps of characters and accessories to unlock and level up, plus a really cute graphic style that’s both refreshing and minimalistic. According to the developers, they update with new missions every day, so you’ll never get bored!

Download the app here.

3. Epic! (Free 30-Day Trial, then $4.99/month)

If you know a 6-12 year-old kid who loves books, Epic! is an app that provides over 15,000 award-winning books from verified publishers, such as Scholastic and National Geographic. Often called the “Netflix” of eBooks, this is one app that you should definitely recommend to them (or to their parents).

The app has “Read to Me” categories and Audiobooks on selected books, over a wide range of categories. They have graphic novels, comic books, non-fiction titles, and many more.

I’m currently subscribed to the free trial (where you get a full taste of what having a subscription would be like) and while I’m not a kid anymore, their Audiobook section is definitely brilliant. If your child hates reading, this app will surely change that. I guarantee it.

Download the app here.

4. PostKnight (Free)

If you’re a fan of RPGs but have little time to spare each day, Postknight might be the game for you. This is for people who are always on-the-go, since each battle is chopped up into small, but exciting parts. You no longer have to wait for highlights of an RPG adventure, and since it’s optimized for mobile devices, you can simply take a quickie and let loose for a bit.

In the game, you’re a knight tasked with difficult to dangerous activities and through deliveries, you get to meet other characters with different skill sets to help you along the way. If you want to kill time or just can’t figure out what to do with your high-gig Ipad or Iphone, give this game a go.

Download the app here.

5. Inkitt (Free)

I love reading so much that my Ipad’s memory is almost full because of downloaded books and book app subscriptions. However, there’s a reason why Inkitt has become a favorite of mine. Everything’s free. No hidden fees, no reading hour limits or “pages per day” deals – just pure freedom from indie writers who’ve uploaded their stories on the app.

It’s full of undiscovered authors and titles, and that’s what makes it amazing. You may browse literally thousands of books under a number of categories and save your picks for offline reading. I know right? What more could you want?

Download the app here.


Which one on the list are you most interested to download? Think I missed any app of note for this week? Let me know in the comments!

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    Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan
    February 21, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    I though Epic! has books for adults. I got really excited for a moment! Hahaha! Good thing I read the whole post and saw Inkitt! I’ll download it in a bit. I am so excited to binge read again! 😀

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