What is TWF. about?

The Write Feature is a blog that covers everything about technology, mobile apps, gaming, software, and writing. I regularly post reviews (or in other words, very opinionated thoughts), what’s new, and lists of some of the best ones to look out for. There’s also a special section (TBP) for writing, conspiracy theories, and other dark web type of things.

Okay… but who are YOU?

Well, nice to meet you too! I’m a full-time Graphic Artist and part-time blogger for my brand, The Indy Miss. I created TWF to focus on technology (devices), app, software, and game reviews, writing, and other things apart from what I post on the former. I also write short stories and sometimes guest post on other blogs as well!

How often do you post on the blog?

I usually update during the weekends, but if an awesome app, game, or gadget gets dropped mid-week, I can post is it happens! Sign up for the newsletter for updates straight to your inbox, just in case I don’t follow the weekend schedule. Yup. That happens sometimes.

Can I become a contributor for TWF.?

Of course! If you want to write about any of the topics the blog covers, shoot me an email at hello@thewritefeature.com and tell me what category/ies you’d like to write for. I’ll let you know once we’re all set!





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